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Out & About Workshop

Wednesday 22/03
18:30 - 21:00
Zoutziedersstraat 20

This is the fourth event in a five-part series of workshops and hangouts about rethinking concepts of love, sexuality, relationships, and romantic-sexual identity. These events are a pilot program for Greens & Purples, an asexual and aromantic group that will launch after the pilot ends. These events prioritize using asexual/aromantic (ace/aro) perspectives, but you don’t need to identify as ace or aro to attend or benefit from them. You also don’t need to attend one event in order to be eligible for the next; they’re all separate!

This event will consist of two parts. The first will be a hangout for us to mingle and talk in a loose manner with less moderation. A shorter workshop will then run until 21:00, on the topic of being ace, aro, or something related, while in the big wide world. We'll talk about coming out, and the strategies and risks of it, and also challenge the idea of "outness" a bit. We'll also talk about ace/aro discrimination, being ace/aro in queer spaces, and finding and creating ace/aro community.

As with other Queer Rotterdam events, expect snacks and refreshments. Be mindful that some participants may be sex-repulsed, and to minimize graphic discussion of sex.

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