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Privacy Statement

To make our website work, we have to store some of your data when you sign up to our website. We try to keep this to a minimum, and we always keep your safety first in mind.

What Data?

- Your e-mail address
- The time and date you verified your email address
- The time and date you registered on our website, and if you update your account also the date and time of your edit.
- A hashed version of your password. Hashing means the information of your password is scrambled to such an extent we cannot see your actual password. Hashing turns your password into a short string of letters and/or numbers using an encryption algorithm. We use the Argon2 algorithm, which works with the Laravel Hash.

In the unlikely event we are ever hacked, your password will not be visible, only the encrypted/hashed version of it.


We store data so we can make your account, to verify you are a real person with an email address, and to save updates to your account. We also use your email address to email you if necessary (for instance information about the event you signed up for, or if it's canceled). We will not send other unprompted emails.

In addition to the above, we store which event you sign up for. We do this so that you can use the event sign-up feature of our website. This includes signing up for events, and viewing which events you have signed up for. We also use this information so you can see which events you have visited in the past. However, your personal information is not linked to the event. Only your user ID (a random number) is linked to the event ID (another random number).

GDPR compliant?

Because we only store data on the back-end of our website, you are not able to view your data directly. However, if you wish to view your data (according to GDPR) you can e-mail us at info@queerrotterdam.nl

If you make an account, we assume you are okay with us storing the data above. Also, it is not possible to create an account without storing this data, and when you sign up to make an account we ask you to agree with us storing your data. Therefore, the legal basis of our storing these data is consent and legitimate interest. If you delete your account, your data is also immediately deleted.

If we change the amount of data we save, we will let you know by updating this privacy statement. This version of the privacy statement was written on June 24, 2022.

If you have any questions, or you feel like something is missing from this statement, please contact us at info@queerrotterdam.nl