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Queer sex edu: Qollective!

Friday 17/05
18:00 - 19:00
Zoutziedersstraat 20

EDIT: Unfortunately, the STI testing spot are full :(

Welcome to our Queer Sex Education Day! 🌈

We believe in the power of sex education and testing so we organized an afternoon to explore it together and give you the first tools to build your own sex ed.

We will host The Qollective, a new queer sex education collective, that will organize a “Queering sex edu” workshop (from 18h-19h) to push the boundaries about sex education, what we were taught and how can we break free from those constraints, and create something new using everyone’s knowledge.

We want to create a space that interrogates the sex education we have (or in more cases have not received). What ideas of sex and identity have we grown up with? What sex ed did we receive, and what do we wish we actually got? What do we want our sex ed to look like? How can we collectively create this space together? We want to address these questions and more. We will be facilitating an interactive workshop in which we together learn from the knowledge that we all have. Together we are going to search for a sex education that serves all of us.

SaFyre, from Queer Rotterdam, prepared a “Create your zine” workshop (from 15h-17h). Please see the website for more details and registration! During the whole afternoon, we will be joined by guests from the GGD. There will be free STI testing by appointment and a pop-up Q&A stand (from 17.00-17.30) where you can feel free to ask more specific or technical questions that you might have. We remind you that this is a safe space.

Join us and let's dive into a journey of self-discovery together! 🚀💖

You can book a ticket for the workshops below and for the STI testing please contact Marijn on Instagram @mjkuijper.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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