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Queer Book Club

Saturday 26/11
14:00 - 17:00
Zoutzierdersstraat 20
Are you a fan of reading and books or would like to explore more about queer literature? Then the Queer Book Club is perfect for you! 📚
In Queer Book Club, we will be picking one book each month to read and then discuss. With this event, we are aiming to bring queer people together to explore the variety of queer literature and how we can be represented in media.

In this session, we will be discussing the book “White Is for Witching” by Helen Oyeyemi. We will also have a small presentation of some books to choose from for the next month and you can also bring your own suggestion! After the meeting we will have around 1 month to read the book, after which the next book club meeting will take place to share thoughts, discuss and enjoy each other's company. We will also have snacks and coffee to enjoy 😊At the end of the meeting we will pick the second book and so on and so forth!

A little bit about your host 🤗The event will be led by Aden (they/them). They are a full-time bookworm and can’t wait to share their favourite books with new people and discover new favourites along the way. You can approach them anytime to rant about a book or give/receive a book recommendation. Their current favourite queer books are Last Night At The Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo and Our Wives Under the Sea by Julia Armfield.

We are so excited to see you there!

‼️Please note that we have a limited capacity of 20 people for this event so make sure to sign up‼️
No strict monthly attendance required 😊

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